Testing water quality in private wells is the homeowner’s responsibility. A homeowner can contact one of the certified testing labs listed at the link below to get bottles and instructions for testing. It is also possible to test through the Well Educated program, which is designed to streamline the process to help homeowners readily test and understand their water quality.

Test kits for the Well Educated program are available at participating county offices listed at the link below. Guidance on what to test for is included in the test kits and is included below. Finding the coordinates of your well and/or your Well Log can be useful and are outlined below. There is also guidance below on interpreting your results once you have tested your water quality.

The Well Educated program is not intended for real estate or legal purposes, if you are looking to test your water for these needs or if you are in a hurry check out our list of Certified Labs throughout Montana to work directly with the lab.



Sampling Your Well Water Video: