Educational resources for household water users, private well owners, septic system owners, and small landowners that promote protection of water resources around the home.

Where does your water come from?

Groundwater Basics

Drinking Water Quality and Health

Contaminant Fact Sheets

Household Drinking Water Protection and Treatment

Contaminants, Sources, and Health Effects

Health Effects of Pesticides in Your Drinking Water

Taking Care of yOur Ground Water Video: A homeowner's guide to well and septic systems


Private Well Systems

Testing My Private Well Water - What's the Story?

Well Owner Responsibilities


 Additional Resources:

Well Owner Information

Safe Drinking Water

Water Quality Association

National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) International

Water Testing and Interpretation of Results

Interactive Drinking Water Analysis

Montana Certified Drinking Water Laboratories

Protecting and Preserving Water Resources

City of Bozeman Water Conservation Resources

Additional Resources:

Saving Water Indoors

Saving Water Outdoors

Small Acreage Landowners (1-20 acres)

Lives and Landscapes Magazine

       Small Acreage Livestock Manure Composting

Septic Systems

Montana Septic Pumper Information (includes list of certified pumpers)

Septic Tank and Drainfield O & M

Septic Tank Inspection and Trouble-Shooting

Septic System Comic produced by MT Dept. of Environmental Quality