Program Personnel

Adam Sigler

W. Adam Sigler, MS 

Water Quality Associate Specialist
2 Marsh Labs 
Bozeman, MT 59717
(406) 994-7381

Adam Sigler is the Extension Water Quality Associate Specialist in the Land Resources and Environmental Sciences Department (LRES) at MSU Bozeman. He has an MS in LRES from MSU (2008) and a BS in Watershed Science from Utah State University (2001). He began a PhD program in LRES in 2012 with Dr. Stephanie Ewing working on water and nitrogen dynamics in a dryland agricultural system in the Judith River Watershed of central MT. Adam has been conducting water quality research, education, and outreach with MSU Extension since 2005.  He works with watershed groups and tribes around Montana to build water quality monitoring capacity, conducts educational programming for private well and septic owners in Montana and is the chair of the Water Committee for the Montana Watershed Coordination Council. Adam has taught a junior level classroom based water quality course and a graduate level online water quality course at MSU. He has served as the Montana coordinator for the National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) National Water Program and has collaborated with the National Park Service’s Greater Yellowstone Inventory and Monitoring team on water quality monitoring.

kyle johnson

Kyle Johnson

Freelance Web Developer

Kyle is a freelance web developer who has been working with MSUEWQ since Fall 2014. He is originally from Billings, MT and graduated from MSU with a bachelor's degree in Computer Science in Fall 2017. His work has focused on web development and the creation of web interfaces for the storage and visualization of water data collected by volunteer monitoring programs.

claire bickford

Claire Bickford

Research Assistant

Environmental Science

Claire Bickford joined MSUEWQ in January of 2020. She has a BS in Environmental Science with a Freshwater Ecology emphasis from Western Washington University. While in college, Claire worked as a research assistant for the Institute for Watershed Studies where she assisted on a project investigating bio-filtration media for storm water drainage systems. After graduating she took a position as a fisheries technician with the Wyoming Game and Fish Department where she worked to assess fish population health and stream restoration options. Claire is excited to bring these past experiences to her position with MSUEWQ and is looking forward to engaging with communities throughout Montana to address watershed health.


Gretchen Williams

Student Employee


Gretchen Williams is a senior in the Geology program at MSU with an interest in hydrology and water resources. She has a passion for keeping our water clean. Originally from Virginia, she enjoys hiking, camping, collecting rocks, and growing plants. Gretchen started working at MSU Extension Water Quality in the fall of 2017.

Nina Denny

Student Employee

Environmental Engineering

Nina Denny is an undergraduate student in the Environmental Engineering Program at MSU with a minor in Water Resources and has an interest in hydrology and water resource management. She is originally from Northern California and loves recreating in the outdoors, whether its skiing in the winter or backpacking in the summer. Nina started working at MSU Extension Water Quality in the Fall of 2018.

Past Personnel

Jim Bauder

Jim Bauder, PhD

Former Water Quality Specialist

Jim Bauder is an affiliate of the MSU Extension Water Quality Program. He was formerly a Soil and Water Quality Specialist and Adjunct Professor with the Land Resources and Environmental Sciences Department at MSU-Bozeman. Jim graduated from Utah State University with a Ph.D. in irrigation-drainage science. For the past two decades, Jim has dedicated his work to irrigation management in semi-arid soil regions of Montana and has become a well known specialist on saline-sodic soil and water management and options for the on-the-land management of coal bed methane product water. Jim also designed and taught soil and water quality online graduate courses for the MSU Masters of Science in Science Education program. He is a fellow of ASA, SSSA, and SWCS.


Holly Kreiner

Former Research Assistant


Holly joined MSUEWQ as Research Assistant in July 2018. She has a BS in Ecology from the University of Vermont (2014). In 2015, Holly served in the Big Sky Watershed Corps at Broadwater Conservation District in Townsend, MT. She then took a position at the Winooski Conservation District in Vermont, where she spearheaded an extensive array of water quality monitoring, project implementation, and outreach and education programs related to non point source pollution mitigation and watershed restoration. Holly is thrilled to join the MSUEWQ team to provide technical assistance to watershed groups hoping to develop or grow their water quality monitoring programs.
ike yoder

Ike Yoder

Former Student Employee

Environmental Science

Ike is a undergraduate student working towards a bachelor’s degree in Geospatial and Environmental Analysis, interested in water resources and environmental law. Ike is from the slopes of Vail, CO and is a hobbyist in XC biking, running, alpine skiing, Nordic skiing, fly fishing, backpacking, and being a gym member. He started working as a student technician at MSUEWQ in Spring 2018.

Rachel Phipps

Rachel Phipps

Former Student Employee

Environmental Science

Rachel Phipps is a senior undergraduate student working towards a bachelor’s degree in Geospatial and Environmental Analysis with an interest in water resources. Rachel hails from Bellingham, Washington, and enjoys skiing, hiking, and kayaking. She started working as a student technician at MSUEWQ in Spring 2017, and her duties include administering the Well Educated program and the spatial analysis of water quality data.

Chance Ronemus

Chance Ronemus

Former Student Employee

Geographic Information Science

Chance Ronemus is working on a bachelor's degree at MSU studying geology, water resources, and GIS. Ronemus interacts with Montana's watersheds on a regular basis, from their frozen origins to their thriving rivers.  He assisted MSUEWQ in visualizing and understanding watershed data through the use of geographic information systems and spatial analysis.
Alyson Morris

Alyson Morris, BS

Former Research Associate

Alyson Morris is a Washington State native and Western Washington University alumna with a bachelors degree in environmental science. She is an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys climbing, biking, skiing, fishing, and most things outdoors. Alyson served as a Big Sky Watershed Corps member in 2016 with the Center for Large Landscape Conservation in Bozeman. Towards the end of her service she became involved with MSUEWQ and took on the position of research associate in December 2016. Her primary roles at the office included administering the Well Educated program, assisting in water quality monitoring, volunteer monitoring and watershed support.
Katie Kaylor

Katie Kaylor, MS

Former Research Associate

Katie received her bachelor's degree at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in Advertising and her master's degree from Montana State University in the Land Resources and Environmental Sciences department. Her master's project focused on use of molecular microbiological methods to quantify human wastewater influence on groundwater. Her primary roles with the MSUEWQ program were administering the Well Educated program, assisting in water quality monitoring, volunteer monitoring and watershed support, NIFA Regional Water Program initiatives and Tribal College Water Quality Education initiatives.