Water from many private wells in Judith Basin and Fergus counties have nitrate concentrations greater than 10 ppm which is a level that can pose health risks. In addition to health concerns, nitrogen lost to groundwater from agricultural soils means lost fertilizer and/or soil organic nitrogen which can hurt yield and protein and cause economic losses to farmers.
The Judith River Watershed Nitrogen Project (JRWNP) is a research project funded by the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) to explore sources of nitrogen in ground and surface water in the Judith River Watershed (JRW) of central Montana. This work began in fall 2011 with researchers and Extension specialists from Montana State University and Utah State University partnering with producers in Judith Basin and Fergus counties to design a research project to address the following three goals:

Goal 1: To better understand the sources of nitrate in ground and surface water.

Goal 2: To evaluate which agricultural management practices are likely to be effective at reducing nitrate leaching and are also likely to be adopted and maintained.

Goal 3: To engage the local community to ensure that the research is relevant and useful.

The research team has worked closely with six farmers on the Producer Research Advisory Group (PRAG) and with 14 members of an Advisory Committee (AC) to design this project.  Research has included evaluation of different farming management practices on cooperating farmers’ fields and collection of water samples from wells, springs and streams across the watershed. The majority of field sample collection for the project was completed by fall 2014 and the final data analysis phase is underway.

A series of newsletters has been released in 2014 and 2015, which can be found below. You can also view the Handouts from the 2015 field day.

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W. Adam Sigler PhD Dissertation Defense

"Water and nitrogen movement through a semiarid dryland agroecosystem in central Montana"

March 6th, 2020