Bing VonBergen: Producer and owner of Heartland Seeds, Moccasin

Katie Hatlelid: MSU Extension, Judith Basin County, Stanford

Curtis Hershberger: Producer and owner of NGS Sales, Denton

Darren Crawford: MSU Extension, Fergus County Extension, Lewistown

David Wichman: Central Ag research Center, Superintendent and Agronomist, Moccasin

Deen L. Pomeroy, RS: Central Montana Health District - Environmental Health Director, Lewistown

Greg Grove: Producer, Moccasin

Jane Holzer: Montana Salinity Control, Program Director, Conrad

Ken Ronish: Fergus County Commissioner, Denton

Mark McLendon: NRCS Soil Conservationist, Lewistown

Pam Linker: NRCS Soil Conservationist, Stanford

Pat Hensleigh: Montana NRCS, State Agronomist, Bozeman

Patricia Creamer: Montana NRCS, Judith Basin District Conservationist

Rick Caquelin: Montana NRCS, Central Montana Region Range Specialist (Previous Judith Basin County District Conservationist)

Tom Butcher: Producer, Fergus County

Terry Metcalfe: Producer, Benchland


Past Advisory Council Members
Chrissy Cook: MSU Extension, Judith Basin County, Stanford