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Soliciting feedback from stream team volunteers at the end of the season can provide insight about increasing recruitment and retention as well as understanding whether your program is accomplishing your objectives. This website includes example survey questions and additional resouces for effectively evaluating volunteer monitoring programs.


Download a compiled list of survey topics and questions!

Volunteer Recruitment and Retention

Ex: What motivated you to become a volunteer?

Training and Program Logistics

Ex:Do you have any suggestions to make the training a better experience?

Learning and Behavior Change

Ex: Did your knowledge about watersheds and environmentally-conscious practices increase as a result of this experience?


Below are a few tools that are commonly used for building and administering surveys.

"This publication briefly explains why you should evaluate your volunteer monitoring program. It provides examples of what to evaluate, and discusses five essential steps for doing evaluation by means of a case study. Additionally, resources noted throughout the document and at the end provide considerably more information about conducting a program evaluation than can be covered here."

This document is part of a broader set of resources available on the UVM website here.

"This Handbook describes a step-by-step system for using social indicators to help you plan, implement and evaluate Nonpoint Source (NPS) management projects. The Social Indicator Planning and Evaluation System (SIPES) is intended to be used by resource managers who want to learn more about their watersheds. The SIPES process and seven steps are illustrated below.These steps begin with a review of project plans and then guide projects through a process to collect, analyze and use social indicators data at the beginning and end of an NPS project."

This document is part of a broader set of resources available on the SIPES website here.