Resources for farmers, ranchers, and irrigators that promote and enhance agronomic production in the Northern Plains and Mountains region, while protecting valuable water resources.


Water Rights Resources

MT Department of Natural Resources & Conservation Water Rights Bureau

Water Rights FAQs

Water Rights in Montana

A Buyer's Guide to Montana Water Rights

Irrigation Tools

SARC Unofficial Weather Page - Daily Evapotranspiration Tool 

Irrigation Scheduling: The Water Balance Approach

Best Management Practices for Irrigation Management

Atmometers: A Simple, Site Specific Tool for Irrigation Scheduling

Paul Brown Soil Moisture Probes, Bucket Augers, and Other Useful Tools

Irrigation Scheduling: Evaporation Pans Still Work!

On-Farm Irrigation Scheduling With Agrimet

Automatic Soil Moisture Monitors and Agrimet: Dynamic Tools for Irrigation Scheduling

Conversion Tables for Automatic Soil Moisture Monitors - Shallow Rooted Crops

Conversion Tables for Automatic Soil Moisture Monitors - Deep Rooted Crops

Alfalfa Production

Making a Ton of Hay!

Potassium and Calcium in Alfalfa Hay

Irrigating Alfalfa - Some Guidelines

Alfalfa Seed Production: Not an Easy Task, Except by Accident

Early Season Irrigation Strategies

The Effects of Irrigation Water Quality, Temperature and Length of Flooding on Alfalfa Production

High Volume, Low Frequency Irrigation vs. Low Volume, High Frequency Irrigation

Alfalfa Variety Selection

Wheat Production

Growing 100 Bushel Wheat!

Ripping Winter Wheat: A Peculiar But Effective Winter Wheat Strategy

Boosting Protein with Midseason N Application: It Has Risks, But It Seems to Work

Wheat Irrigation

Other Crops

Sugarbeet Agronomy 101

The Right Strategy for Irrigating Your Canola Crop

Potatoes: An Alternative to Consider

PAM (Polyacrylimide)

PAM: Just the Facts

Summer 2000 PAM Trials on Buffalo Rapids and the Milk River

Additional Links

Agronomy Notes