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Aeration pond


Cattle guard


CBM cattle tank

Interior of a compressor station

Second stage compressor station

Cutting pit

Drill cuttings

Drill site

Frozen CBM well

Holding pond

Holding tanks

In-channel impoundment

Lined impoundment

Methane belching cattle tank

Methane electricity generator

Reinjection site equipment

Reinjection site

Well head
Wetland created with CBM water Wetland created with CMB water Wetland outflow Well pod

Product water outflow

Drill rig

New pipeline

New pipeline

Landscapes & Aerial Photos
CBM landscape CBM Landscape CBM landscape CBM landscape

CBM roads

Compressor station

Compressor station

Decker coal mine

Impoundment in ephemeral stream

Holding pond near pivot

Tongue River landscape

Tongue River landscape

Tongue River landscape

Well landscape

Streams & Rivers

CBM discharge channel

Ephemeral channel

Subirrigated ephemeral stream

CBM pond trout

Plants & Soil
Bulrush CBM discharge channel streambed Creeping spikerush Dispersed soil

Dispersed soil

Field soil crusting

Plant community transition_T.jpg

Surveying prior to drilling Animas River warning Hidden well
CBM site monitoring
Coal fines

3rd stage compressor station

Drill site

Well pad

Invasive weeds

Oil drip tank

Open compressor site

Progresive cavity pumps

Pump jack and fracting fire

Rain runoff in a road ditch

San JuanBasin


Revegetation along a pipeline

Roadbed erosion


Natural gas
production by state

CBM extraction schematic
Coalification process

World CBM production